Dec 27 2017

Car Title Loans in Jacksonville by Embassy Loans #auto #loan #bad #credit

#auto title loan # Auto Title Loans in Jacksonville Embassy Loans What’s the best way to get cash fast in Jacksonville? If you have a decent credit rating, your first answer might be the bank, but even with good credit, bank loans can title days or weeks to get approval. When you find yourself in an emergency situation and literally need cash within a matter of hours, you are better off looking for a car title loan in Jacksonville. This type of arrangement gives you the chance to get a loan by using your car or vehicle as collateral or …

Feb 13 2017

Driving in Canada – Ottawa, Canada – Embassy of the United States #cheap #used #cars

#auto insurance canada # Traffic Safety and Road Conditions Driving in Canada is similar to driving in the U.S. – with a few differences: Distances and speeds are posted in metric units. 100 kilometers equals 62 miles. The maximum speed limit in Canada is 50km/hr in cities, 80km/hr on highways, and 100 km/hr on rural highways. Some signs, particularly in Qu bec, may be in French. U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in Canada. Proof of auto insurance is required. U.S. auto insurance is accepted as long as an individual is a tourist in Canada. Seat belt use is mandatory for …