Oct 5 2017

Atomic Hydrogen-Molecular Hydrogen-Nascent Hydrogen-atomic hydrogen torch-energy by hydrogen #atomic,hydrogen,molecular #hydrogen,nascent #hydrogen,atomic #hydrogen #torch,energy #by #hydrogen

# Ordinary hydrogen gas consists of di-atomic molecules in which two H-atoms unite together by covalent bond. This is known as molecular hydrogen. Stability of molecular hydrogen H-H bond energy is very high i.e, 104 Kcal per mole .Due to high bond energy ,molecule of hydrogen is very stable .It does not react under ordinary conditions .Only those reactions are possible in which at least 104 Kcal per mole of energy is available. (ii) Atomic hydrogen Hydrogen obtained by the dissociation of molecular hydrogen is called atomic hydrogen. Atomic hydrogen is very energetic and very reactive .It has a very …

Jul 31 2017

Hydrogen bond – definition of hydrogen bond by The Free Dictionary #hydrogen #bonds #definition

# hydrogen bond A chemical bond in which a hydrogen atom of one molecule is attracted to an electronegative atom, especially a nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine atom, usually of another molecule. hydrogen bond (Chemistry) a weak chemical bond between an electronegative atom, such as fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen, and a hydrogen atom bound to another electronegative atom. Hydrogen bonds are responsible for the properties of water and many biological molecules hy drogen bond` an electrostatic bond between a hydrogen atom in a covalent bond and an electronegative atom, as oxygen. hydrogen bond A chemical bond in which a hydrogen atom …