Oct 16 2017

How to recover data (undelete, salesforce email limits.#Salesforce #email #limits

# How to recover data (undelete / undo) in Salesforce? If the data is accidentally deleted in Salesforce or is mass updated wrongly (during data import with update or upsert operation or through an Apex program) then what are the different options that you can have to recover your data or undo the changes? If the data is deleted, then you can restore (undelete) the data from the recycle bin (unless of course you have hard deleted it or emptied the recycle bin). Once the records are deleted, it is stored in recycle bin for 15 days You can run …

Aug 29 2017

Cloning Records in Apex #salesforce #soql

# Cloning Records in Apex When you clone an sObject in Apex, it copies all the fields populated in that Apex object, not necessarily all fields on the record. Let s say you have a Lead with FirstName, LastName, Company, LeadSource and Status populated. If you do the following, the clone will not have LeadSource and Status cloned from the original record. It will use the default values for Leads. That is because those fields were not queried into the object. If you are cloning records, it can be frustrating to keep it updated as you add new fields to …