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The Best Car Comparisons $25 Million Can Buy

First, CarsDirect changed car buying forever. We introduced up-front, no-haggle, guaranteed low pricing on all makes and models. We have saved customers hundreds of millions of dollars by eliminating the mystery of car pricing.

Now, with, we have gone further. On, CarsDirect and our subsidiary Autodata Solutions have created the most comprehensive and straightforward review of virtually every new and used vehicle sold in the U.S. Our team of more than 100 automotive experts produces and compiles the best automotive research data available–we take every car, truck, SUV, and van and rank them from best to worst. And we rank them on every important dimension, including: safety, gas mileage, acceleration, cargo space, performance, and more. offers the most comprehensive set of objective vehicle comparisons in the U.S. Every vehicle, every dimension, ranked best to worst–without apology.

We want you to make the best car buying decision. And to pay the lowest price.

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