Sep 22 2017

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img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”Virginia Carmichael, a 100-year-old knitter, has been making baby sweaters and blankets for newborns in need for many years. She goes to Westside Baby in West Seattle to see what happens after she donates them. (Ellen M. Banner/The Seattle Times)” /

100-year-old knitter shares her talents (2:51)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”A mother watches her daughter who has developmental disabilities grow into adulthood through socialization and skill-building, and accompanies her to her first formal dance. (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)” /

Kelley’s journey toward independence (4:10)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”Careers, finances, relationships, and other factors go into the decision to become a mother. And for those who don’t feel a natural draw toward motherhood, indecision can be a heavy burden. (Lauren Frohne Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)” /

The Mom Question: Grappling with the decision of parenthood (1:18)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”Mahri Haider arrived in the U.S. from Afghanistan when she was 3. The Harborview doctor reflects on what her life could have been had she not been able to come here. (Bettina Hansen Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times)” /

A Harborview doctor s ‘alternative life’ (3:03)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”After doctors told her she might never be able to have children, Gloria Chueca Puerto-Mendoza made a plan to try, despite the odds. But her journey did not unfold as she expected. (Lauren Frohne Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)” /

The long road to Lola: One woman’s journey to motherhood (7:05)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”Almir Alemic’s experience as a Bosnian refugee helped shape his political views. There’s a lot of people who still don’t feel completely American, Alemic, 24, says. (Bettina Hansen Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times)” /

A Bosnian refugee supports Trump (3:21)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”It’s Levi Jackson’s last season playing basketball for the Taholah Chitwhins of the Quinault Indian Nation. And Levi wants to help bring home the team’s first state basketball championship. (Bettina Hansen Corinne Chin / The Seattle Times)” /

Levi’s Story (3:09)

img class=”teaser ” src=”×192.jpg” alt=”Pacific NW magazine invited residents of several homeless encampments in Seattle to share their personal stories. (Lauren Frohne, Corinne Chin Erika Schultz / The Seattle Times)” /

Portraits of homelessness (4:37)

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