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Is It Worth Getting On A Plane To Buy A Car? Yes.

Depending on where you buy your car, you may receive a. Depending on where you buy your car, you may receive a large discount off of MSRP (Getty Images).

It’s just plain human nature: Every day, buyers across the country drive their shiny new vehicles off dealership lots, and immediately get the sinking feeling that they could have gotten a better deal somewhere else.

But where would that somewhere be? How about Tampa, Atlanta or Washington, D.C. Those are the best markets in the country for car shopping. A few other cities, such as San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles might have done the trick, too, if a trip to the Eastern seaboard were out of the question. These and a few other metropolitan areas boast the greatest discounts off a vehicle’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price, according to data analyzed from the AOL Autos Best Deal Program.

New vehicle prices in the Tampa-Orlando area, the top discount market, averaged 10 percent below their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Prices averaged 9.9 percent below MSRP in the Baltimore-Washington area, and 9.4 percent under MSRP in Atlanta.

The study also found that best states for car shopping were Maryland (with an 8.1 percent discount off MSRP), Virginia (with 7.6 percent) and Florida (with 7.5 percent).

There is a practical use for these figures. Once armed with the data, consumers may decide it’s worth their while to drive 100 miles or so for a particular deal. But with the deals topping out mostly on the coasts, it might even make financial sense from time to time to jump on a plane and take delivery of a car 1,000 miles or more from home. Indeed, some people are doing just that.

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