Oct 9 2017

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How to use this website

What is WikiPremed?

The resources of the website may be used as la carte supplements within any MCAT review program or the complete learning program can be used to guide your overall MCAT preparatory program. You are welcome to use the goal management system, diagnostic quizzes, physics cards, and other resources of WikiPremed as independent supplements to make whatever structured MCAT review program you are following more effective. However, the full program will help you build a more sophisticated understanding of general science than undergraduate coursework provides. If you are smart enough to be a doctor, this course will make the new MCAT seem easy. It’s not the easy way, but it does work.

The WikiPremed MCAT Course consists of twelve modules. Each module represents approximately one or two weeks of study. The learning program teaches the general premedical sciences within a unified, spiraling curriculum, an approach developed over many years working closely with college students in small group teaching. Within a spiraling curriculum, you are exposed to a number of important concepts early. As the curriculum progresses, we return to those concepts again and again expanding on the foundation established earlier. Depending on your starting point and schedule, the full course represents from three to six months of dedicated work. Each module contains course videos, guidance, learning management resources, and suggested assignments. The important thing is not that you complete every single assignment. The important thing is to achieve the learning goals of each module. In summmary, you can use WikiPremed as a stand-alone MCAT course or the resources separately in combination with another course. There are no restricted areas on this website and no fees. You can study here for as long as you want. Visit Module One

The Sciences

WikiPremed is navigated as a curricular progression in the syllabus. However, through the main menu, you may also navigate WikiPremed at the level of the science and social science topics that make up the knowledge-base.

WikiPremed has two ways of outlining the scientific knowledge. The first follows the traditional rules. For example, physics is divided into topics within mechanics, waves, thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, etc. The second manner presents the topics in the integrated sequence of the Main Progression, the order of topics within our spiraling curriculum.

Course materials

For some assignments in the syllabus, you will need the Examkrackers set , or if you prefer a more extensive treatment, you can substitute assignments from The Berkeley Review. The Kaplan set is also very good for the purposes of the course. You will also need real AAMC practice tests. Further recommended supplements can be found here.

Additionally, WikiPremed publications are recommended for this course. There are no restricted areas or registration fees with the WikiPremed MCAT Course. We succeed by designing innovative printed learning materials, where print is necessary or advantageous for the course, and providing these for a low price with great service. The WikiPremed Bundle represents the most fun and effective learning materials for MCAT review, and in keeping with the philosophy of WikiPremed, we offer them at a price that should be affordable for everyone. This is how WikiPremed is possible without charging tuition, by providing a great value proposition with printed products that help you succeed on the MCAT. We appreciate our customers!

Live tutoring

Via Skype with the creator of WikiPremed

Live teaching is essential to the creative life of WikiPremed. For this reason a small number of students at any time are preparing for the new MCAT with John Wetzel, the creator of WikiPremed, as their one-on-one tutor, receiving the best MCAT course from the most experienced instructor in the field. This is a private, one-on-one course fully dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Given John’s experience and skill level, this represents a tremendous opportunity for any premedical student. The availability of tutoring slots is difficult to predict. Please contact WikiPremed for information regarding Skype tutoring if you are interested in this opportunity.

Cost & Scheduling

The tutoring fee is $80/hr. Sessions are either two or three hours long and meetings are once per week. Typically, twelve to twenty sessions are ideal for a comprehensive review. However, the pace and scope of the course can vary with the student’s starting point. Scheduling is extremely flexible.

John Wetzel will only work with students who have ample time to study between tutoring sessions. After each session, the student is expected to carefully review their notes from that session, carry out course assignments and prepare for the next session. In addition to WikiPremed materials, you will need the Examkrackers set or the Berkeley Review set. Complete conceptual review materials from one of the national courses may also suffice. You will also need AAMC practice materials.

Thank you Creative Commons for naming John Wetzel of WikiPremed to Team Open!

Latest News

WikiPremed is proud to launch our new site for the revised MCAT. We are now in the open beta stage of development. In developing our new site we have been striving for significant improvements in teaching design, accessibility and user experience in addition to making substantial changes to content and curriculum. Please let us know if any part of the site seems to be broken. Also, please note that a few resources are still rolling out, such as the diagnostic testing and content in later modules. It will all be up soon. If you are half-way through the WikiPremed course at the old site and would like to continue there, or if you would like to use some functions from the old site, you can reach the archived site through the link below.

Why WikiPremed Is Free

One big problem with a free course is that people have a hard time paying serious attention to anything that’s free. That’s human nature. Please forgive WikiPremed for being free. Remember that just because WikiPremed has no restricted areas or premium membership, or even any advertising, that does not prevent WikiPremed from being the most serious learning program for the new MCAT. WikiPremed is the most sophisticated MCAT course of them all. WikiPremed is the only course that teaches science in the fully unified way that the new MCAT calls for you to understand.

Why doesn’t WikiPremed charge at least some tuition? We believe an essential part of being the best MCAT course is to be completely open, not only to reduce economic barriers to becoming a doctor, but also to make our work accessible to the premedical education community. Our learning program demonstrates how to teach a unified, undergraduate science curriculum. We hope this will make the world a little better.

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