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Top 10 Sites to Buy a Used Car in UK


Used cars can be tricky unless there is ample trustworthy information on them for the prospective customers to buy. There are plenty of sites vying for each other to earn the trust of the buyers. A list of top ten sites has been selected among them to help and guide the clients so that they can go through them and learn about the features and specifications about the used cars. tops the list. Though the site has many other things to offer such as market, pension, loan etc the site’s comment on the best used cars prove to be too valuable for the browsers. Just to underscore the site’s reputation, the site has won the best financial site of the year. Experts such as Lee Boyce and many others from the motoring magazine Auto Express share their views on the used cars.  Cars featured on this site are VW Golf, Rover75,Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta; BMW3Series,Mini Cooper, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Tayota Yaris and Peugeot 206. The price range of these cars can be around £10,000. comes second in the list having a wide range of used cars to offer. According to the site, this happens to be Britain’s biggest site for car dealing offering hundreds of reviews and tips when it comes to buy used car. is another place to look for used cars. Cars can be browsed through priced around £5000. Cars featured on that site are Lexus, Ford Puma, Seat Ibiza, Fiat Multipla, BMW5 series etc. Besides detailing of the cars, the site also has exclusive photos of them. Parker (tagged as ‘for the smart car buyers’) also offers plenty of used cars’ info Toyota, Ford, Audi are some of the cars that have been featured. happens to be another site that provides information on quality used cars. It’s trusted and features to be one of the best among used car sites. is another site that has been included in the list. The user friendly interface is quite easy to navigate which makes this site popular in the used cars category. has plenty of information on the used cars to provide such as the BMW 3 series, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, Audi A4, Toyota Aris, Ford KA, Mercedes C Class etc. is another place to know in details about the used cars. The site has claimed to provide the buyers the best because there is monetary transparency during the dealing. Besides, every car has been checked and warranty is included. happens be another site on the list. This site is also among the popular sites in UK that give detailed and specified info on used cars. Some of the cars featured on the site are VW, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mini etc. The detailed information usually includes valuable and techno-savvy reviews that cover prices and features etc. is the second-last site on the list.  The site claims to have 2000 dealers in all over UK with over 120,000 used car offers that have been kept on updated on the daily basis. Some of the cars featured on the list are Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota etc. is the last site on the list which is in presence from since 1999. Along with the best used car deals, it also offers car reviews, car buying tips and comparisons. A great site for even a novice buyer.

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