Feb 13 2017

Top 104 Complaints and Reviews about Goodyear Auto Service Centers #lee #auto #parts

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My daughter went into Goodyear on September 19 (Saturday) for an oil change. The car was running fine. Shortly after leaving, it started jerking and smoking. I had it towed back to Goodyear. They told me that someone had left the cap off. Turns out it was off the radiator. It was shortly after closing but they looked at it, then said she was good to go. When she tried to leave, it wouldn’t stay cranked. They said leave it and we’ll look at it on Monday.

Monday, I received a call that the gasket was probably blown and that it would be about $1700. I had her father call because he’s a machinist who’s done work for this shop before and obviously he knows more about cars than I do. He spoke to a technician and asked for the manager. Manager wasn’t there, so her Daddy called back the next day (Tuesday). The manager said they were not responsible.

Wednesday, I called corporate. I felt confident that the problem would be handled. It was not. There was no sense of urgency. After several phone calls and days of waiting, I received a call today that their inspector said that the car had apparently been in a collision and that the bumper had punctured the radiator. In the beginning they said that the gasket must have been bad already.

The car had hit another car (in a parking lot) three (3) year ago. It wasn’t even a high speed collision. It was in a parking lot. Needless to say, Goodyear will not accept any responsibility for this. I am beyond angry (as the rating indicates). I have been a loyal customer and I feel like I’ve been railroaded. I also have to wonder if this is a regular component of their business practice. If every shop screwed over one customer a month, they could make a lot of money.

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