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Went with my sister to inquire about certified used car she was looking for. Met with salesperson who took info and came up with 4 cars for us to look at. We found 1 with low mileage about 8000 that had everything we needed. We went back to his desk and discussed pricing and when he was asked about warranty and the 10 year 100M miles he said that it would be additional cost. The website clearly says that the car was certified and we asked about that. He said it could be certified for additional cost. I asked about Carfax and he said “No problem” and a short while later actually produced one. He stated how it was clean and gave copy to my sister to keep. We told him that we would take a day to think it over and then he brought in another person to tell us that if we had concerns they would handle it. We explained about our concerns and he said same thing about additional cost to certify and we left.

The second week of July I brought my Elantra in for 3 recalls. I was checked in and handed copies of the paperwork I had just signed for the recalls. As I sat down I looked over the paperwork and noticed printed at the top was ” recommended Timing Belt replacement.” I found that odd since my car only has 22,000 miles and I have owned many cars over the years and usually replaced the timing belt between 75,000 – 90,000 miles, NOT at 22,000 miles!

After sitting in the waiting room for approx. 45 minutes, the service guy who checked my car in came to get me and advised me that 2 of the 3 recalls were completed and it was also discovered that I needed a new timing belt at an approx. cost of $667 (plus labor, of course), a new battery at a cost of approx. $200, and there was a leak in my air conditioner system and a rear seal leak. Those two things were covered by the warranty, but the timing belt and battery were not. I advised them to not touch the timing belt or battery, and just take care of the warranted items.

Here is what I find so strange: Before they even looked at my car I was informed by way of the service sheet that I needed a timing belt. They tell me that I need a timing belt after having my car in the service area for all of 45 minutes, during which time they also completed 2 recall items. I happen to know that just to take apart the engine area to check the condition of the timing belt would take at least 45 minutes, if not more, so how could they come up with that diagnosis and take care of two recall items in less than 45 minutes. After they had my car for 2 days, I went to pick it up and then was told that I had a $100 deductible on the extended warranty. I, of course, now had to pay the $100.

I took my car the next day to my mechanic who I know for over 20 years. He put my car on the lift and looked underneath and stated that “If there was a rear seal leak, you would see staining.” There was none. I also mentioned to the rep at Atlantic that I had seen nothing in my driveway to indicate there was any leaks coming from my car. My mechanic also noted that if my air conditioner was leaking then it would not be working or performing, and that never happened. As a matter of fact I used my air conditioning the morning I drove to Atlantic and it worked perfectly. I will now be contacting Hyundai corporate to advise I was obviously charged for work that was never done.

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