Aug 3 2017

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Ceremonies in Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan celebrated our graduates, our honored doctorate and award recipients, and our supportive communities. Thank you to all who were able to attend, their families and friends, and to our wonderful students whose hard work and dedication make Alaska stronger.

Ending Spring Semester on a High Note

Each spring, UAS Outdoor Studies plan their next capstone project; this year they are climbing Mount Marcus Baker, the highest peak in the Chugach Range. Departing the day after graduation, two vans of students and gear headed north for two weeks of learning and adventure. Find out more.

The Bright Future of Alaska Education

Alaska’s next generation of teachers and administrators learn and grow with UAS. The School of Education offers undergraduate and graduate programs, endorsements and certificates. Find out more.

A brand new ‘hidden species’ of flying squirrel discovered in part by University of Alaska researchers

KTUU – A brand new species of flying squirrel has been discovered in the Pacific Northwest, researchers said in a research study published on Wednesday. Prior to this discovery, scientists had only believed that two species of flying squirrel inhabited North America. Now, scientists say, that number is three. In a statement made by an ecologist with the University of Alaska Southeast, they say six scientists contributed to the research, and that the discovery of the new squirrel was aided by the help of Alaska data. According to Allison Bidlack with UAS, the new squirrel is native to the Pacific Coast, from southern British Columbia all the way down to California. While not native to Alaska, the Humbolt flying squirrel s territory does overlap with another flying squirrel breed that does inhabit Alaska the northern flying squirrel.. More

Sm algyax conference works to save Tsimshian language

Juneau Empire – There are only six fluent speakers of the Tsimshian language, Sm algyax, left in Alaska. Interest in the language is on the rise, however. I try not to dwell on those numbers because I feel like, just within this class we have 20 people, most of whom are from our state who are dedicating their lives to Sm algyax, said Mique l Dangeli, who carries the Tsimshian name Sm oodm N sm. It s not just about how many fluent speakers we have left but it s about how many newer people are dedicating their lives to our language. Dangeli, an assistant professor in Alaska Native studies at University of Alaska Southeast, worked in conjunction with the campus to organize a five-day Sm algyax grammar and language workshop in Juneau with fluent speaker Velna Nelson and linguist Margaret Anderson, from British Columbia, to help educate learners of the Tsimshian language.. More

Century-Long Glacier Study May Help Us Crack Climate Change

National Geographic – It’s not often an ecologist gets to play sleuth in so adventurous a fashion picking through musty papers in the Midwest for 100-year-old hand-drawn maps that lead through dense Alaskan underbrush populated by wolves and brown bears. But that’s how scientist [and UAS Assistant Professor] Brian Buma tracked down the work of a legend a godfather of modern ecology so prominent in his field that the Ecological Society of America has an award named after him.. More

Summer Session II (June 26 – Aug 5)

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