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GW draws on its rich political and intellectual resources to provide English, communications, and writing courses in a variety of formats.

On-campus and online courses are available for credit, while our noncredit offerings focus on experiential learning environments, connecting students with relevant institutions and experts in their respective fields.

All course offerings are subject to cancellation.

College Intensive

Study and practice of the basic techniques of public speaking used to inform, to entertain and to persuade audiences. Emphasis on the speech-building process: audience analysis, research, development, composition, organization, style, delivery and criticism.

Study and practice of verbal and nonverbal communication in ritual, information and perspective sharing, problem solving, relationship formation, maintenance and dissolution. Designed to raise awareness of the complexity and power of the communication process in daily life and to help students develop interpersonal skills cognitively, effectively and behaviorally.

Practice in reading university-level materials and reading-based writing with focus on key writing and oral communication skills for international students.

A writing-intensive course for English language learners that explores the capital’s rich multicultural heritage through diverse texts and community resources. Designed to represent the pedagogy of the American university experience through critical reading, inquiry and discussion.

This course is required for international students with paper-based TOEFL scores between 550 and under 600 (or other equivalents).

Development of naturalness, correctness and clarity in conversation through the study of phonetics, rate, volume, pitch and quality in preparation for performance.

Laboratory fee will apply.

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