Nov 15 2017

Unlicensed Used Car Dealer Investigated #advance #auto #coupon

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Unlicensed Used Car Dealer Investigated

Buying a vehicle from a licensed dealer means the State of Nebraska can make sure all the rules are followed to protect you the customer. So when a lot fills up with cars for sale, the licensing board staff takes notice.

Bryan Eicher isn’t kicking tires but he’s taking VINS-Vehicle identification Numbers. He’s an investigator with the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board.

Six On Your Side asked Eicher to check on several cars for sale next to a store in south central Omaha. The state investigator said, “We have a lot of cars all stacked up with no registrations, no license plates and stacked in a corner like this its definitely suspicious for us.”

Anyone of us can sell up to 8 vehicles a year but each must be registered with all the taxes and fees paid. Those in the lot don’t appear to be, so a dealers licensed is required to sell them. Six On Your Side approached the owner named Jose who asked not to be identified.

Jose said, “I didn’t know it was required for a permit for me to sell vehicles.” Jose says he’s sold between three and five vehicles in the past few months.

The State Investigator place orange warning notices on windshields of the 9 vehicles in the lot. Selling that many unregistered vehicles a year without a license could be a felony.

The state will give Jose a chance to avoid charges if he either registers all the vehicles or makes application and is approved for a dealers license.

Investigator Eicher said, “Its more for consumer protection because when you start to sell so many cars you can end up having complaints and its easier to track if we have dealers we can regulate.”

The Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board has 5 investigators covering Nebraska. One of them will be following up on this case. The owner of the vehicles did contact the state about getting his dealers license.

Anyone who suspects an unlicensed dealership can call the board in Lincoln at 402-471-2148.

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