Us auto sales, us auto sales.#Us #auto #sales

U.S. Auto Sales By Brand 2011 Year End

Us auto sales

Us auto sales

GoodCarBadCar has finished entering figures in the monthly recap of auto sales by brand in the United States. What you ll see below are the 2011 numbers that s all twelve months, the full year, the whole shebang.

Ford was the best-selling auto brand in America in 2011, finishing the year more than 280,000 sales ahead of Chevrolet. Toyota had its thoroughly documented struggles through most of the year but delivered some good results at the end of 2011 the Camry was far and away America s best-selling car again. Fiat sold 19,769 500s. That s not 50,000, as Fiat had desired, but it s not much lower than the 25K many analysts would have predicted.

Is Mercedes-Benz America s best-selling luxury brand? People have no problem considering the Ford Transit Connect, GMC Savana, and Nissan NV part of the Ford, GMC, and Nissan families, but when it comes to Mercedes-Benz, the Sprinter doesn t seem to fit. Once you subtract the Sprinter (16,577 sales in 2011, more than enough to exceed the 13,800-unit gap) from Mercedes-Benz s total, BMW sold more luxury vehicles in America than Mercedes did in 2011. There s no arguing that fact. Undoubtedly, both sold more vehicles than the usual champion, Lexus.

SUV/Truck/Crossover-only brands that s Jeep, GMC, and Land Rover, finished in that very order, Jeep 21,363 sales ahead of GMC. Buick was not able to beat Lexus, alas. Speaking of Jeep, no brand could touch its headline-grabbing year-over-year increase of 44%. Kia, at 36.3%, didn t fare too badly, thank-you very much. Mitsubishi s 41.9% improvement was brought to bear mainly in the earlier parts of 2011. On the flip side, the now-defunct Saab (it is dead, isn t it?) slid 16%, worse even than Lexus s 13.4% drop.

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