Sep 8 2017

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Recycled Auto Parts

The average automobile can have over 14,000 parts in it. Whenever a vehicle has reached the end of its useful life, either due to an accident or no longer being cost effective to maintain, the automobile will be taken to a salvage yard where it will be broke down and disassembled into its various parts.

Some used auto parts that have too much wear can be melted down and eventually made into new parts. However most parts are recycled and sold as used Factory Original Equipment manufactured OEM parts. The average part is designed from the factory to last for hundreds of thousands of miles before they reach the end of their life.

Many vehicles are wrecked and totaled early in their life cycle, leaving behind perfectly good OEM factory parts that can have years of service left in them. The best reason to purchase a recycled OEM part is that you are getting a part that was designed from the factory to fit and perform on your vehicle perfectly for pennies on the dollar compared to purchasing a new OEM part!

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