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  • A used sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a passenger vehicle that combines the passenger comforts and capacity of a minivan with the rugged frame, towing, and optional off-road capability of a pickup truck. Vehicles in this segment that are truck-based are typically known as a sport utility vehicle, and car-based vehicles are known as crossovers. Sport utility vehicles have been around in some form or another since the earliest days of the automobile. The Land Rover company has been building sport utility vehicles since its inception and the Chevrolet Suburban has nearly 75 year of history behind it. Until recent years, the sport utility was most often used as a work truck or military vehicle. The sport utility vehicle did not come into widespread consumer favor until the the late 1990’s. Consumers were attracted by the versatility, perceived safety, comfortable interior, ride height, off-road capacity, and towing capacity that the SUV offered. Additionally, the rise of the sport utility vehicle happened during a period in time when gas prices were at their lowest. The prestige of an owning a luxurious truck was also more of a draw over the long-tested station wagon design, which came to be seen as dated and undesirable.

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