Nov 27 2017

Value Cargo Vans – Lowest Prices – Largest Selection – Fleet Utility Vans – Used Service Vans – Used Cargo Vans For Sale. Ford – Chevrolet Vans – Work Vans, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Marietta, Louisville, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia. Work Van – Commercial Cargo Van – Truck Sales – Utility Van Go Here #honda #used #cars

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InВ business, time is money!

That s why we make the process of buying work vans simple and less time consuming for business owners. We spendВ many hours every day, going over condition reports, selectingВ the best work vans available from large fleet inventories so you don t have to.

Low Cost Shipping Rates

We ship vans toВ 48 states!

Selection Pricing

Our goal is to provide van buyers the largest selection of fleet maintained, one-owner,В off-lease cargo vans in the U.S. and to sell them at Value Pricing that can t be beaten. В period!

No time wastedВ negotiating price with Value Pricing! В

At Value Cargo Vans, your negotiating skills do not determine the price you pay. We believe in Value Pricing. pricing vans at the absolute lowest possible price to begin with. В

If you feel the need to negotiate, you should choose a different dealership that marks their vans up enough toВ play games with negotiating price.

NO FEES! We do not charge additional dealer profit and try to foolВ customers by callingВ itВ a docВ fee, processing fee, etc. Other dealers charge additional fees as much as $500 or more.

Taxes: State sales tax is paid in the state where the vans are registered for use. Businesses or buyers who s address is in Tennessee must pay tax at time of purchase.

  • Extended CargoВ Vans
  • Ford Chevy Work Ready Vans with Adrian Steel Shelves/Bins Ladder Racks
  • Mini Cargo Vans with Bins Ladder Racks!
  • Half Ton, 3/4 Ton One Ton Vans
  • Box Trucks
  • KUV (Utility Body) Vans Work Trucks. All Sizes!

Trucks! Trucks! Trucks!

with Liftgates or Pull Out Ramps!

В  Full Size Work Trucks.

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