May 25 2017

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Vehicle Equipment Consignment

Absolute Auctions Realty is the Hudson Valley s premier public auto auction. We feature vehicles from estates, seized bank assets and municipalities. As a result, we provide our customers with a unique opportunity to buy everything from rare collector cars to quality late-model vehicles.

If you are in the market for a vehicle, Absolute Auctions is a great place to start. We offer a varied selection in every Antique Estate Auction we conduct (approximately every three weeks), and we also hold independent auctions for a number of Hudson Valley municipalities and fleets throughout the year.

Each vehicle is professionally photographed and uploaded to our website along with a full description of its features. On the day before the auction, vehicles are removed from our secure lot and displayed for Preview. Throughout Preview, all vehicles are open to inspection and can be started on request. On auction day, Preview is held again for two hours prior to the start of the auction. Once the auction begins, just wait until your vehicle of interest comes up in the auction slide show presentation and bid away!

Antique Collector Cars:

Absolute Auctions is known as a great source for pre-war and post-war vehicles. We also offer classic muscle cars, collector cars and other hard-to-find vehicles. Recent examples include a 1968 Dodge Coronet Convertible, a 1942 Ford Coupe and a 1939 Oldsmobile Sedan.

Late-Model Cars:

If you are looking for something geared a little more towards everyday use, we offer a wide variety of late-model cars, trucks and SUVs on a regular basis. Many of these vehicles come from banks and estates, providing a whole other range of buying options.

Luxury Vehicles:

Are you looking to upgrade to a luxury vehicle? If so, Absolute Auctions is the place for you! Our luxury car list includes BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and even the Rolls Royce at the top of this page. Aside from hitting it big in the lottery, buying at auction is your best opportunity to live the dream!

Municipal Vehicles:

In addition to our in-house vehicle offerings, we hold several surplus vehicle / equipment auctions for Hudson Valley municipalities each year. If you are in the market for used police cars, cherry pickers, dump trucks, tractors, and other utility vehicles, then you don t want to miss these auctions.

Boats, Campers, Trailers, Motorcycles ATVs:

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