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Continuously monitor your risk, improve decisions, take action and increase profitability

  • Analytics and Consulting

    Gain a competitive edge in your business with TransUnion’s analytical, modelling and consulting capabilities

  • Collections and Recovery Management

    Effectively increase contact rates, prioritise collection prospects, reduce costs and increase your recoveries

  • Credit and Risk Reporting

    Manage risk effectively and increase profitability by leveraging enriched data and advanced risk algorithms

    Make better decisions, convert more customers and increase revenue

    Identify and connect with the right, profitable customers to improve return on marketing expenditure

  • Education and Training

    Gain in-depth understanding of credit risk management and enhance the way you onboard and manage customers

  • Fraud and Verification

    Reduce risk, verify customer identities and ensure the right people have account access

    Access greater depth of data and more predictive variables for better risk-based and key value chain decisions

  • DecisionEdge for Identity Management

    Acquire or service customers while preventing ID fraud by screening and verifying their identities

    Find the right customers and strengthen existing relationships with our flexible decisioning solutions

  • Insurance Claims and Policy Data

    Differentiate between a good policyholder s misfortune and high risk policyholders within your base

    Improve customer engagement and return on investment by making smarter marketing decisions

  • Online Trace Alerts

    Get instant email notifications, enabling your business to take prompt action

    Make decisive and profitable vehicle trading decisions today with our vehicle and customer information App

    Achieve a competitive advantage by acting swiftly on opportunities or threats as they happen

    Get real-time tracking and stock control information for enhanced efficiencies and proactive risk management

    Get current and reliable vehicle and consumer information and make confident vehicle trading decisions

    Make insight-driven decisions, increase contact rates, realise efficiencies and increase recoveries

    Make smarter, better informed decisions with access to deeper customer insights and powerful analytics

    Optimise efficiency, minimise risk and gain deeper customer insights for better decisioning

    Identify, segment and effectively target prospective customers with our business intelligence reports

    Verify information, mitigate risk and ensure the fair, transparent and cost-effective distribution of services

    Credit and risk solutions designed to help retailers gain actionable insights and improve effectiveness

    Make smarter decisions and be more effective across the customer lifecycle with greater customer insights

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    CCI Q1 2017 Infographic

    Consumer Credit Index increased in the first quarter 2017 to 52.4 from 49.7

    Vehicle Valuations

    Make better decisions when trading, financing or insuring used vehicles

    With over five decades of researching vehicle values, TransUnion delivers a reliable industry standard in valuations. Over 60,000 vehicle returns are received monthly from manufacturers and dealer groups, as well as franchised and non-franchised dealers across South Africa. This data is analysed and developed by an experienced team of independent, specialist editors to ensure that the values remain reliable and relevant in a constantly fluctuating market. Our values are published and distributed via print or electronic media channels, including web and mobile. The valuation guides are indispensable for anyone buying, selling, financing, insuring, scrapping or writing-off vehicles.

    TransUnion s Vehicle Valuations provide access to current and reliable, industry standard trade and retail values delivered via print or online channels.

    With the industry mainstay in vehicle valuations, you get access to current trade, retail and residual values of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles.

    Access current, reliable information about an individual or vehicle anytime, anywhere and make informed and less risky decisions.

    Effective and competitive pricing when trading vehicles

    Better buying decisions with access to true market values

    Accurate sums ensured when insuring a vehicle

    Insure the right risk at the right value

    Determine accurate premiums and accurate claims payouts

    Adjust the sums insured correctly with industry-accepted values for extras

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