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Volo Auto Museum adds vintage snowmobile, tractor, marine collections

Volo Auto Museum aims to drive interest with new vintage collections

The Volo Auto Museum has traditionally been known for its display of vintage cars, but the museum is diversifying its exhibits with the addition of snowmobile, tractor and marine collections.

A 1925 Johnson outboard boat motor is now on display alongside tractors that date back to the 1930s.

The things we were looking for is stuff that has eyeball to it, museum director Brian Grams said. It might not be the most powerful, expensive, but we were looking for something that you’re going to look at and scratch your head and say, ‘that’s really neat looking. ‘

One of the most unique snowmobiles Grams said he found was a Ford Model T version that is essentially the same as the automobile, but is built for winter use.

In addition to the new collections, the museum also now displays a Disney Mold-A-Rama machine that was first displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. Visitors can pay $5 to create their own wax figure using provided molds that are switched about every six months, Grams said.

Visitors can also watch a free animatronic pirate show in the museum’s food court.

You listen to songs and there’s a little parrot that makes wisecracks along way, Grams said. It’s funny for adults, and of course kids love it and seeing the puppets move around.

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