Oct 29 2016

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Your VW Parts Search is Over

Did you know most of the other VW parts sites out there are all owned by the same company, we are one of the few independent VW parts sites. We guarantee free UPS Ground to the 48 states on every VW parts order over 75 dollars not including tax or cores. All of our catalog is available to you every hour of every day of the year. With us, you never have to worry about not having the VW parts you ordered in stock. Most of our VW parts orders will ship out within 1 business day when you make sure to place your order by 1 pm MST. We have specialists standing by to help you find what you need. We offer wholesale pricing direct to you, the public.

Since the first VW bug arrived in the U.S. in 1949, it’s been a bit of an icon. Since then, the numbers of VW models have multiplied, and it’s safe to say there’s probably a VW model for almost every purpose and taste. No matter which VW model you own, however, you’ll need the right VW parts in order to keep it road-worthy and at peak performance.

Part of the appeal of the VW is that it has traditionally been very economical to run. Back in the 1960’s, even the microbus could carry as many passengers as a standard van for about half the cost in fuel. One key to high fuel economy lies in one of the simplest and least expensive VW parts available – the air filter. When an air filter is clogged with dirt, there is not enough oxygen available to the fuel mixture, literally “choking” the fuel system. When this happens, the mixture is too “rich” – in other words, it has more liquid fuel than it needs and not enough oxygen. While this is fine when the engine is cold (it was the purpose of the old choke knob), if the engine continues to run rich at operating temperature, you’re wasting fuel and building up carbon deposits on the valves. An air filter is one of those discount VW parts that’s cheap to buy, but can make all the difference. When you have the right VW parts as you need them, it’s possible to keep that car going strong almost indefinitely.

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