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Centralize all your Ticketing, CRM/marketing and fundraising through a single, user-friendly platform

Derby County Football Club, United Kingdom Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL USA Buckingham Palace, London, UK College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta, GA USA Buckingham Palace, London, UK College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta, GA USA Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL USA Derby County Football Club, United Kingdom





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Is your current system holding you back?
Then you’ll want to learn more about TopTix and our dynamic ticketing platform-SRO.

SRO is a software platform designed to give you maximum flexibility and control over every aspect of ticketing and customer engagement.

The functionality and features allow the system to meet your specific business demands including the ability to process tens-of-thousands of tickets simultaneously. And, the core rules-based engine enables you to implement just about any ticket pricing and bundling scenario imaginable. Combine that with an open API, web-based architecture and you can configure the entire customer ticketing process any way you want.

SRO advanced features include:

  • Dynamic automation of ticket prices, packages, and availability
  • Sales via back office, kiosks, web site and mobile devices
  • Promotional prompts to encourage up-selling and cross-selling
  • Flexible screen and content display to suit varying workflows
  • Custom-designing and branding of tickets, forms, and emails
  • Easy-to-build seating configurations for any type of room, venue or table set up
  • User-defined reports with export to various file formats and scheduled delivery
  • Ability to define users, profiles, security tokens, sale points, and printers
  • Create private customers and business accounts
  • Single basket approach for managing all items within the system
  • Single sign-on with Facebook or Google credentials
  • Group sales and group scheduling

What differentiates SRO from other software systems on the market?
TopTix Executives share their perspective.

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“We were seeking a partner who shared the same vision for an open ecosystem and can support us with backend software to support our primary ticketing needs. We couldn’t be more pleased with TopTix. The team is comprised of some of the best people in the industry and the SRO software is really impressive”

Clarence Sitter CFO, Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

“The best part of the switch to SRO is just how easy it is for our customers. They can go from the point where they’re simply checking what shows and events are playing, to converting to a fully-booked guest, with tickets for multiple events and attractions purchased in just a couple of minutes. It’s easy and fast for them, no matter what kind of device they’re using – which is really important, even for us with a primary demographic of customers over 50 years old.”

“Thanks to the ticketing expertise of ESB.TSB, the city of Bruges is rapidly modernizing. Because we can now work together on one platform, all of our partner organizations can offer better service to the visitors of this region. SRO enables us to improve our marketing and our ticketing, all at once. And best of all, users work together to exchange ideas to increase potential and feel that with SRO, they took a giant leap into the 21st century.”

“We are very happy with the results. Our staff can handle resources more efficiently while having an overall view at their fingertips.”

Angus Watson Director of Ticket Operations, Ravinia Festival

Highland Park, IL

“We experienced such an outpouring of appreciation from our patrons that it was really quite gratifying. SRO is a very clever system and we’ve only just begun to tap into the wealth of conveniences it offers our customers and the efficiencies it offers our staff. I want to express my sincere thanks to the TopTix support team. They are really top notch.”

Central City, CO

“Possibly the best part is the support we’re getting from the TopTix team.Those wonderful people are friendly, results-driven, and fast! Did I mentionthat they’re all so pleasant and easy to get along with? You bet I did, and I’ll say it again because these essential qualities seem to be withering in the support industry, in general. And if you can’t enjoy a professional yet relaxed relationship with your support team, well. what’s to enjoy? I really love these rock stars!”

“The implementation work from the TopTix team has been of a very high standard and they have showed a real attention to detail and strong work ethic in meeting our initial go-live requirements and then demonstrating a strong partnership approach in planning new updates and enhancements as we progress.”

“SRO delivers a powerful rules engine that has transformed the way in which we set up events in the system and manage sales periods to determine who can buy when, and via which sales channel such as Ticket Office and the website. Our full programme of home league games can be set up and configured at the beginning of the season with relevant pricing, promotions and when fans can buy all configured to automatically apply across the calendar via ticketing office and on-line. That means we can be much more effective with our planning across the season.”

Llianelli, South Wales

“SRO is a key part of our internal systems and works handin-hand with other systems. The implementation and training has been excellent and we now have a very user friendly and modern system that has been adopted by all key staff. Best of all,our reporting has improved significantly and our on-line ticket sales have already grown by over 50% for early games.”

West Bromwich, UK

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