Aug 11 2017

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Great class and I learned a lot from the instructor. – Student

This advanced hands-on certificate program will teach you to effectively plan, design, program, maintain, administer, and troubleshoot dynamic websites, web servers and web-based database-driven applications built in PHP. The class will teach the latest web-development techniques using XAMPP, MySQL, PHP, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery. The program is taught by Industry professionals; hands-on exercises are used through the program; one major web development project will be delivered by students by end of the program. Students will gain a strong skill set and knowledge base in PHP, MySQL, XAMPP Server, and jQuery. Introduction to popular CMS systems such as WordPress will be included.

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn how to create advanced and dynamic web application systems and already have prior Web Design experience/knowledge or have attended our Web Design course.

Course Outline Detail

Programming Concepts
Design principles
Design pattern methodologies
Coding principles
Best practices

XAMPP Server
Install, configure and Administer XAMPP
Starting and Stopping Apache and MySQL
Web server folder configuration
Virtual Servers
Hostname configuration

PHP Basics
Understanding Programming Logic Basics
Cross-Platform Programming with PHP
Open Source
PHP Syntax
Constants and Variables

Using Forms with PHP
Submitting HTML Forms with GET/POST data
Using conditional command structures
Using FOR loop
String manipulation

Data Objects
Creating Array Objects
Populating Array Objects
Multi-dimensional Arrays
Creating Hash table
Creating Structure

PHP Functions
Developing and Calling User-defined Functions
Extracting and Parsing Data
Using Input/Output

Introduction to Database Design
MySQL Server and Client installation
Data Types
Primary and Foreign Keys
Database Indices
Using MySQL
Tables, Fields, Relationships
Creating populating tables
Searching tables
Building relations
Searching multiple tables
Building queries
Modifying outputs
Database backup and restore

Web Server Basics
Configuring Apache
Connecting to database
Testing database connectivity
PHP user Authentication
Web server Architecture and server side events
PHP MySQL Library
SQL embedded in PHP

Integrating PHP with MySQL
Inserting, Updating, Deleting, and Retrieving data from MySQL
Building a Data Layer and three-tier architecture
Debugging, Tracing and Exception Handling
Site Deployment and Testing the site
Miscellaneous functions (AJAX/JSON, upload)

Object Oriented Concepts
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using PHP
Working with PHP Classes
Constructing New Objects
Introduction to MVC concepts
Introduction to PHP HTML Frameworks

Introduction to jQuery
Downloading and installing jQuery
Installing jQuery examples
Review of jQuery examples
Integrating jQuery and PHP
How PHP handles JavaScript

Building Dynamic Applications
Introduction to Bootstrap
Downloading and installing Bootstraps
Review of Bootstrap
Integrating Bootstrap and PHP

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