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Web Hosting: Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Web Servers / Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated servers are basically computers that have a single function: to host and run the websites you place on them. Unlike shared web hosting where you have to share your disk space, CPU, RAM and other resources with other customers, a dedicated server allows you to host 1 or more of your sites on the machine by yourself. The entire box is basically yours to configure as you see fit.

Dedicated servers are usually either managed or unmanaged. If you go with an unmanaged dedicated server. you usually get to pay a cheaper price, but you have to basically administer the machine by yourself. If there are security fixes for the web server or the operating system on the computer, you will need to apply them yourself. In fact, you will probably need to stay on top of such developments by subscribing to the necessary mailing lists and whatnot for security fixes to the software on your server. You are normally given the root (adminstrator) password to an unmanaged dedicated server. If you require the web host to do anything to your server, you typically have to pay extra for the support service.

Managed dedicated servers are servers where the web host attends to all the necessary updates to your software and maintains the hardware on your behalf. The charges for managed servers are usually higher since you are also paying for the services they provide. Very often, managed servers do not come with root access.

Sometimes, a reboot of the entire machine is necessary, such as when the system crashes or locks up. Some web hosts provide free reboots as part of the service. Others provide only a limited number of reboots per month, and require you to pay extra for each reboot. Be sure to note what is provided as part of a package so that you’re not taken by surprise when you need a reboot and such services.

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Dedicated Web Servers

This huge web host provides root servers (unmanaged servers where you have root access) as well as managed servers (where the web host takes care of maintaining the system for your) at $99 per month. The $99 plan for managed servers include 1 GB of RAM, 2 hard disks of 160 GB each, 2,000 GB of monthly transfer volume, a 100 MBit data transfer speed, 50 FTP accounts, 600 subdomains, 100 MySQL databases, PHP, Perl, server side includes (SSI), secure shell (SSH), cron jobs (scheduled tasks), various site building tools, 3,000 email accounts, web mail, 20,000 email aliases, auto-responders, 600 subdomains, a dedicated IP address, etc. Please check out their site for details of the unmanaged servers which offer root access, a Plesk control panel for up to 100 domains, among other things.

This web host offers dedicated servers from $79.99 per month (paid monthly; if you pay for longer periods, the price is lower). The package includes 1 120 GB disk drive, 500 GB bandwidth, 1 GB RAM, FTP, 3 dedicated IP addresses, PHP, Perl, etc.

This web host provides managed dedicated servers for $174 (depending on the package you choose). This price includes the CPanel control panel, 1 GB RAM, 1 80 GB hard disk, 1,500 GB bandwidth, 5 IP addresses, root access, a site builder, unlimited domain and sub-domain hosting, unlimited POP3 email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, cron (scheduled tasks), web statistics (Urchin, Awstats, Analog, Webalizer), shopping carts, etc.

The dedicated server plan provided by this web host is priced at $99 per month (paid annually). It includes 512 GB of RAM, 80 GB of disk storage, 1,000 GB of bandwidth, 2 GB of backup storage, 4 free domain names included with the annual payment plan, 2 IP addresses, SSH, MySQL and Postgre databases, etc. If you want the CPanel control panel, you will have to pay an additional $35 per month extra and a $10 installation fee. Plesk control panels will cost you $18 per month (for the 30 domain version) or $25 per month (for the 100 domain version) together with a $10 setup fee.

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