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ATTENTION ALL DEALERS: Please review the following bidding requirements.

* All buyers must must have an automobile dealer license issued by the DMV in your respective state. You may also be an automotive recycler having all appropriate and current licenses in place

* All buyers need to complete and submit an application prior to the first auction in which they are participating. Application are available on this website.

* Each of our locations is responsible for ensuring that the proper title status of all vehicles is announced at the time of sale. Our locations are not responsible for anything written on the vehicle or inaccurate information (other than title status). This does include mileage. This is done as a convenience to the buyers; however, the accuracy of the information is the buyer’s responsibility. Inaccurate information (other than title status) does not void a sale.

* All live auction participants will be issued a buyer ID card upon application approval. This buyer card will be used at each auction for verification and eligibility purposes and will be updated each year. In order for our system to accept any bids from buyers, all buyers must check-in at the office, prior to the auction, to receive a bidder badge which will be worn during the auction.

* All internet buyers will be assigned a user ID and password. This will allow you to view any vehicle information and participate in the auction.

*Don Johnson TXS 018-00676 & Doug Owens TXE 118-008285

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