May 14 2017

What s the best tint film? #vintage #auto #parts

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Thread: What’s the best tint film?

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What’s the best tint film?

I’ve never tinted my cars before (though a couple came tinted from the dealer), so I’ve no real idea what to look for. My Audi dealer had a lame demo in an office showing the benefits of ceramic tint, and I’ve seen different posts on here, I guess 3M crystalline (sp?) appears the most popular? So, questions.

– I see its legal in TX to do the windshield, I assume that’s well worth doing, baring in mind my car sits in an open parking lot all day long.

– is there a particular film I should be looking for? Looking at the website of local shops, they all seem to have different products, all of which are somehow the best on the market!

– my S is grey, and I’m only tinting for protection from heat, and aesthetics. That said, I don’t want it to look ‘pimped out’, so what’s the normal tint percentage for something subtle, but noticeable?

Anything else I should be considering?

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