What You Need To Know About A Short Term, 3 Month Car Lease

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What You Need To Know About A Short Term, 3 Month Car Lease

People choose to lease a car for many reasons, such as traveling for work or for personal use. If you need a car short-term, such as a 3 month car lease, there are several things to consider.

Short term car lease offers can be hard to come by, generally a dealer will prefer to lease a car for a standard lease term of 24 month or more. Because of this, any available short-term lease deals will usually have much higher monthly costs when compared to a typical lease.

Here are a few things to know about short-term leases and lease take overs. Keep the following in mind, should you lease a new car and want to transfer the lease to another person:

  • Leasing a car for shorter periods of time, such as a 3 month lease, most often means you’ll end up renting – which can be more costly versus a long-term lease. It may work out cheaper to just lease a car for a standard lease term, find out what deals are available in your area by requesting your free, no obligation lease price quote .
  • A lease takeover or assumption means you’ll assume complete responsibility for monthly payments – driving the car for the rest of the lease term and returning it to the dealership/financing agency. Often this is not a favorable deal, because the monthly payments will be too expensive.
  • The downside to assuming a lease is that the car you’re leasing is no longer brand new. Depending on the driving habits of the previous driver, you could end up with a poorly maintained car – possibly even paying extra for wear and tear, or mileage fees at the end of the lease term.?
  • 3 Month Lease Deals are Hard To Come By- Find Standard Lease Deals Near You!

    • The first thing to do is determine the type of car that will meet your needs and priorities. By evaluating what is most important to you in a car, you’ll be able to select the style to best meet your needs.
  • Request a free, no obligation lease price quote to see the short-term lease specials being offered by local dealerships. You will be able to see which dealerships in your area will offer you special incentives on standard leases that could work out cheaper than a 3 month lease.
  • Think about the total leasing costs for the lease term. Estimate anticipated gas mileage, insurance and leasing fees. Evaluate the rates for different classes of cars – it’s possibly a different class will give you a lower overall cost.
  • Request a free new car lease quote now to find the best lease deals in your area, you’ll be surprised at the offers that could work out to being better than a 3 month leasing offer. Learn everything you need to know, so you can negotiate with confidence for the best car lease price possible.

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