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#When was idaho a state / #Video

#When #was #idaho #a #state

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When was idaho a state

Official Website of the
State Police

State Police

Idaho State Police – Quick Links

Welcome to the Idaho State Police

The Idaho State Police is proud to provide law enforcement services to citizens of the State of Idaho since 1939.

ISP has six locations known as districts: District 1 – Coeur d’ Alene, District 2 – Lewiston, District 3 – Boise/Meridian, District 4 – Twin Falls, District 5 – Pocatello, and District 6 – Idaho Falls. ISP has Forensic Laboratories in Coeur d’ Alene, Meridian and Pocatello. ISP also has two Regional Communication Centers (RCC), RCCN – Coeur d’ Alene and RCCS – Meridian. ISP has a training unit hosted in Meridian responsible for advanced training of recruit troopers and in-service/refresher training of all staff. The Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center (Fusion Center) is hosted and overseen by ISP.

ISP provides non law enforcement services to the citizens of Idaho with the Racing Commission (licensing and regulation), Planning, Grants and Research, Crime and Statistics, Fingerprinting and Background services, Alcohol Beverage Licensing, and Livestock Brand Registration. Additionally, the ISP maintains criminal history records, a number of registries required by law, the statewide Public Safety and Security Information System (ILETS), and connectivity to national criminal justice databases.

ISP employs support professionals working in Evidence Management, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Purchasing, Financial Services, Facilities Management, Fleet Services, Warehouse Management, and Information Technology.

Statutory Authority

The Department derives its statutory authority from multiple sections of Idaho Code. During the legislative session of 2000, those code sections were amended to reflect the agency’s reorganization from the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement to the Idaho State Police. Idaho Code §67-2901 creates the Department and the position of Director, and provides for any divisions and units “deemed necessary for the administration of its duties.” more.

  • Patrol activity and associated duties are authorized by §67-2901 (c) through (h), 67-2901A and 67-2901B
  • Investigations of major crimes, drug, racketeering and liquor violations, carried out by ISP Investigations and the Alcohol Beverage Control Office, are mandated in Titles 18, 37 and 23, respectively.
  • Forensic Services’ additional authority specific to drug testing of juveniles resides in §63-2552A.
  • Police Services provides law enforcement support through the Bureau of Criminal Identification, created in §67-3003. Maintaining Idaho’s Sex Offender Registry and Juvenile Sex Offender Registry is mandated by Idaho Code Chapters 83 and 84. Additional duties delegated to ISP Police Services are defined in §19-5201 (public safety and security information system).
  • POST Council activities are authorized in §19-5101 through 19-5117.

A Message From Colonel Kedrick Wills

The Idaho State Police is a dynamic force in the mix of entities that provide public safety services to Idaho’s citizens and visitors. While you may be familiar with the sight of the “black and whites” patrolling the interstate, there is much more to ISP’s ability to protect your property and person.

ISP’s Investigations program conducts major criminal investigations with an emphasis on drug, racketeering, and computer crimes. Many cases are prosecuted in both state and federal courts, reaching throughout the United States and across international borders into Mexico and Canada.

Forensic Services provides direct support to Idaho’s criminal justice community through crime scene evidence collection and analysis. Laboratories located in Coeur d’Alene, Meridian and Pocatello analyze evidence for every law enforcement agency in the state – in fact, annually, up to 85% of the labs’ caseloads are generated by local or federal agency investigations.

Partnerships remain ISP’s greatest tool for savings, efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery of excellent law enforcement services.

ISP is not only a law enforcement agency, but an entity of state government. Therefore, a most important partnership is with the Governor’s Office and the Idaho legislature.

As an executive agency, ISP carries out those gubernatorial priorities that are within its scope in law, such as emphasizing homeland security or public school safety.

Our mission is to keep you safe: at home, on the road, wherever you are. You can partner with us to achieve this goal by staying alert to your surroundings, driving responsibly, and always buckle up for safety!

To learn more about the Idaho State Police, follow the various links at this site and contact us with your questions and comments.

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