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Where to Find Auto Paint Supplies

Auto paint supplies are easy to find. You can find them on the Internet, at traditional hardware stores, at car dealerships and at specialty shops such as AutoZone or Pep Boys, or catalog sales sites such as JC Whitney. There are several places you can can find auto paint supplies, which are listed below:


You can find auto paint supply stores such as www.paintforcars.com. which lists just about every product you will need to handle a repaint job properly. For example, if you are looking for a gallon of specialized urethane paint, this site will provide you with the color you need and suggestions on how to use it. To save money, try to buy auto paint during a sale period.

Even the big box stores such as The Home Depot or Wal-Mart and Sears can provide you with all of the paint materials you will need, including sanders, spray paint machines, sanding materials, specialized paints and sealers, airbrushes, steel wool and polymer sealers and other protectants. Neighborhood hardware stores can easily provide this material, plus various wax and protectant products such as Armor All, Meguiars wax and protectants, and NuFinish and NuVinyl.

Car Dealerships

Car dealers also act as auto paint suppliers. Although the dealership will try to sell you the work, it is their business to try to sell you everything from tires to headlights, so you can simply go to the parts counter and order the needed items. Be aware, though, that while they will have the exact part numbers you need, you will be paying a premium for them.

Specialty Stores and Catalog Sites

You will likely find your best pricing on these sites as they are mass-marketing warehouse sites that are geared to sell as inexpensively as possible. Therefore, you will probably find some of the following prices:

  • Sander: $500 to $750
  • Specialty Sandpapers: 80-grit or 00-grit for cleanup, $10 to $15
  • Spray Painter: $500 to $750
  • Proper Primer: $32 to $48, depending on the trucking charges and availability. Some hard-to-find paints can cost as much as $90, even at a warehouse store.
  • Proper Paint Products, Standard or Urethane: $32 to $90, depending on trucking fees and the product
  • Proper Finishing Equipment and Sealers. $20 to $30

Getting the Best Prices

Getting all the supplies you will need for an auto paint job can be expensive, so it s important that you get the best products for the best price. Try to look for an auto paint sale at your local paint suppliers. If you know the people in your paint store well, then it is highly recommended that you ask them to inform you of any upcoming sales or you can ask them when they usually have sales.

Generally, auto paint suppliers provide a much better rate than small auto paint shops. This is because they often obtain paints in wholesale.

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