Nov 14 2016

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8 Reasons To Tint Your Windows:

1. By having your windows professionally tinted, your car will be an average of 60% cooler during the heat of the summer.

2. The UV rays are extremely harmful and could result in skin cancer. Professional tinting will block up to 99% of those rays.

3. If tinting is installed properly, should there be an auto accident, the tint material will act as a protective agent.

4. Assisting you to drive safely, tinting will reduce the glare of the sun, snow, and other headlights.

5. Tinting provides a great security tactic as it conceals the valuables in your car.

6. Car tint is also a great sunscreen against UV rays which cause your car upholstery to crack under the heat of the sun.

7. By reducing heat intrusion by at least 78%, with the application of window tint, you not only increase your own comfort but also reduce your utility bill expense.

8. Tinting the windows in your home will cut out the harsh glares of the sun without darkening the room.

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