Mar 28 2017

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Eric Cassidy joined NAPA as an assistant manager. His good work ethic and positive attitude quickly propelled him into a position as a store manager, overseeing the daily operations at the main store in Atlanta. “The most rewarding thing about working at NAPA is the ability to build my career,” says Eric. “I could become a general manager or a district manager. I can move to the distribution side, or I could even move into IT,” says Eric. He’s seen many people build their careers at NAPA. Some have started as drivers and moved up to store manager and beyond.

Our retail stores are an important part of the NAPA system. They’re where we connect with the people who need us most. Every day, Eric helps build and maintain relationships with wholesale and retail customers. “Everybody knows each other by name – or even by voice,” says Eric. That’s part of what makes NAPA successful, “We know our stuff, we have the parts, and our customers can count on us the first time.”

“I started out not knowing a lot about parts,” said TJ Whitt. But that’s changed since becoming a driver for NAPA. His managers and coworkers make sure he is always learning, keeping him on track to grow as an employee, and giving him the skills to share KNOW HOW with the customers. Since TJ works directly with the customers he understands that having a knowledgeable team in place is what keeps the customers calling.

Communication and teamwork are essential at NAPA AUTO PARTS. “We all get along really well,” says TJ. In fact, many of his friends work at NAPA. He is proud of his team and the reputation that NAPA has built – it’s a great work environment. That’s one of the many reasons TJ is happy to be at NAPA AUTO PARTS. The career opportunities are another reason. “I hope to move up to counter, then become an assistant manager and one day have my own store,” says TJ.


“When you come out here and do your job 120%, then you will be successful at a Distribution Center,” says Demond Vinet. He speaks from experience. Demond started his career loading trucks at a NAPA Distribution Center and he’s quickly moved through the ranks to become an assistant stockroom manager. At a Distribution Center, you can take your career in many different directions.

Distribution Centers play an important role in keeping NAPA running strong. “We supply everyone around here. All the AutoCare Centers – everyone with a blue NAPA logo,” says Demond. When you work here, each day is different. Demond is constantly on the move, working with his team, and taking on the daily challenges. His drive and attitude are what make our Distribution Centers successful. “I come to work happy every day,” says Demond, “and if I can rub off on one person, then I’ve done a good deed.”

Whitney Swingle is currently a product manager at NAPA Headquarters, but she started her career through one of several of our management training programs. The programs train future NAPA employees to run NAPA stores, work in operations, or work in distribution. Whitney’s program taught her to work with wholesale customers, and enabled her to learn the NAPA system, inside and out.

The training program was a perfect opportunity for Whitney to accelerate her career. Before working at NAPA, she managed one store in a different industry. “The career opportunities available after the training programs end are limitless,” says Whitney. By taking her talent to NAPA and applying it to one of the management trainee programs she was able to set herself up for rewarding job opportunities that would elevate her career. Whitney says, “Your first step outside your training program is just the beginning. From there you can go anywhere within the company.”

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