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Byers Is Great


There are a lot of perks in car sales. The networking, discounts, freedom and potential to make great money. Byers also offers a few incentives that other dealerships do not. The best being longevity pay. It s nice going into the month with money already made.


Commission can be a con to some. I rather enjoy it for the most part. Being inconsistent is the only downside for me. There is a lot of stress when it comes to deals falling through and customers wasting your time. It s also sad that people still believe car salesman are the same liars and cheats that they were 20+ years ago. I know there are still some left out there. Although with today s policies and the Internet, it s a bit hard to hide the truth. Yet customers still feel the need to come in and lie to your face assuming that s how they should act once they step foot onto the lot. As for cons with Byers. I would hope that the mini deals or flats would be raised a bit. I know you make up on them with other deals, but these cars are coming with a lot more technology than they did 10 years we spend a lot more time doing demos and deliveries. Yet the mini s haven t really changed.

Automotive Technician Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Byers Auto (Columbus, OH) in August 2012.

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