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thank you for the 5 star rating and we are pleased to hear your thoughts about MAG and the opportunities the company has to offer the many qualified men and women in the service departments. We value our Technicians and try to show our appreciation at every opportunity. your comments mean alot to the many people that work beside you and are proud to call MAG home.

We are sorry to hear your work hours are too long, with each sales associate scheduled to work 42 hours weeks, we believe that the hours MAG is open and each individual s working schedule are reasonable. MAG has the shortest working week of any Retail Car dealership in Columbus and we are not open Sundays or on any of the major holidays. That said, the retail business is not for everyone, but the rewards can be greater than an hourly job in other service sector jobs you might chose. If you would prefer to work part time, we feel confident there may be part time positions available in the MAG organization that can accommodate your need to work less. Feel free to contact HR and let them know your concerns regarding your full time work schedule and ask if there are opportunities that would better accommodate your need for a part time position to accommodate more personal time for you.

MAG is certainly sorry to hear your feelings about your position in the Service Department. We strive to be the best at what we do and reading review like yours means we have failed you in more than one regard. If you are inclined, we would appreciate your direct and personal feedback to the director of Fixed Operations for Technician s Cody Norris. If he is made aware of your concerns, we can be sure that the same negatives your point out do not re-occur for the 80+ Technicians we have at the MAG Group. It is important to note that the average technician has worked at MAG for 9 years 3 months, so somehow youre time here was not what we hope to achieve for the many long term people that work here. With the level of training and compensation at MAG for Technicians, we work hard at fostering an environment that is as good as or better than all of the outstanding brands we represent. Thank you for your observations.

Thank you for the 5 Star rating. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to strive to be the best place to work if you love European Cars.

Thank you for the 5 Star rating. we hope you will continue to Grow with the company and the many life long employees that you are working with.

Thank you for your review. MAG is sorry you only felt the work experience was a 2 star job. We see you mentioned you were working 60+ hours a week, which means you worked on your day off and every hour we are open Monday – Saturday. Somehow you worked far more than your schedule would have asked for. All MAG associates are scheduled to work 42-45 hours a week and only 5 day out of 6 per week that we are open. We thank you for the dedication and wish you well, but realize no one can work every hour we are open and still enjoy life outside of work. Again thank you for the positive review we wish it had been a 5 star experience for you.

Thank you for your comments regarding MAG. It is of great concern to us that you felt threatened on the job, if your are able please report this to the head of the HR department, she is tasked with ensuring all MAG associates have a safe, threat free environment to work in. It is important to note that, MAG sells more than 3000+ new vehicles per year and a similar number of used units, so the environment you are describing is of great concern, as all sales associates should feel confident in the management and the opportunities MAG has to offer. Please do contact HR and report the situations that led you to leave this very concerning review.

Thank you for the review, but it is necessary to correct your mis-perception of the MAG Employee benefit offerings. MAG offers Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401k with matching, paid technical training both in-house and in locations across the USA and Europe, paid vacation time up to 4 weeks depending on your tenure with the company.

It is worth noting that you did not become a Master Certified Technician for one or more of the MAG European brands without significant investment from MAG in your training, which MAG paid for 100% in addition to your hourly rate for 9 hours for every day you spent in training, all so you could grow your opportunity and income with your advanced training. If you left MAG for reasons that are unfortunate, it is our loss, but it is not right to mis-represent the company offerings when you know better, you are a MAster Technician, and that is a valuable badge of honor your earned that MAG supported and paid for. Certainly that is a benefit, in addition to all the others listed above.

Management where there when needed but didn t hover.

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