Aug 21 2017

A Checklist for Putting Together the Ultimate Emergency Car Kit #auto #leasing #companies

#auto emergency kit

The Ultimate Emergency Car Kit: How to Equip Yourself for Most Any Calamity

No one enjoys being stranded on the side of the road, but when you have a well-equipped emergency car kit packed away in the trunk, the situation can be more bearable.



  • Whistle.
  • Cash, coins. Power outages also take out ATM machines. Having cash for gas, a restaurant meal or hotel room might put you ahead of those who only have a debit or credit card.
  • Disposable camera. This could be very helpful in documenting a car accident. license plates, injuries or storm damage.
  • Pepper spray. This is good bear spray if your travels take you through bear country.
  • Emergency phone numbers on a laminated card.


I keep my emergency kit packed in an opaque, under-the-bed bin that fits perfectly in the back of my SUV. To help with organization and keep track of inventory, I keep a laminated copy of this checklist on top of everything. Once your list is laminated, use a china marker to keep track of what you have packed in the kit.

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