Nov 15 2016

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Bad Credit Auto Refinancing Is Within Reach

Bad credit is intimidating, but it doesn’t mean that a car owner is blocked from getting bad credit auto refinancing. If your current auto financing payment plan is breaking your budget, we may be able to help with a bad credit auto refinancing plan. Where some lenders might see a borderline credit score and think “bad risk” while other lenders see a good prospect and are willing to take the chance. At Portsmouth Chevy, we feel that there are more good prospects than bad prospects. We have some suggestions for those seeking to refinance a car with bad credit:

  • Don’t assume the worst. We have great success rate for helping customers refinance a car loan with bad credit, and we may be able to help you too.
  • Ask! Car owners are often surprised by the rate they can get when they get auto bad credit refinancing through Portsmouth Chevy.
  • Compare. We encourage car buyers to compare pricing and interest rates, and we say the same to people who already own cars but are looking to refinance their car loan with bad credit. We have an established reputation for providing some of the area’s best interest rates for bad credit auto refinance plans.

Portsmouth Chevy knows that dependable transportation is necessary. Don’t risk losing your car because your car payments have become hard to make every month. Come in and talk to one of our financing representatives today. Bad credit auto refinancing frequently seems much more difficult to attain than it really is.

One of the greatest benefits of obtaining bad credit auto refinancing through Portsmouth Chevrolet is the ability to re-build credit. Making your loan payments successfully can help you rebuild credit that has been damaged by emergencies, unemployment or other unexpected factors.

Call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives or visit us online to fill out a credit application.

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