Sep 4 2019

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Economy Cars – Cheap Car Rentals

At Value Van and Car Rental. we believe that bigger isn’t always best — in fact, sometimes smaller is the smartest option. That’s why we offer cheap car rentals on economy models that are good for the environment and your wallet. Our convenient locations in Union and Newark, NJ. provide easy access to several great business and vacation spots, including Jersey City. New York City, and the Jersey Shore. Contact us at (908) 851-9595 to reserve an economy car for your next trip, or reserve online .

Little Cars, Big Advantages

If it’s your first time renting an economy car, you’ll quickly understand why small cars really do have big advantages. Read below to discover a few of the benefits:

  • Stretch Your Budget — Practical and compact, these cheap rental cars cost less than larger vehicles, and we’re able to pass the savings onto you. Rest assured that our economy vehicles are only cheap in price, however, not in quality.
  • Protect the Environment — Make the smart choice to drive green! Economy cars get incredible gas mileage and have reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Our prices prove that helping save the environment doesn’t have to cost you extra money.
  • Stretch Out Inside — While cheap rental cars are compact, that doesn’t mean they’re cramped. In fact, these cars were brilliantly engineered to use space efficiently. Once you climb in, you’ll be surprised at the amount of head clearance and legroom they provide.
  • Conquer City Driving — Renting a car that is compact has never been so advantageous. Whether you’re driving in NYC or staying in New Jersey. you’ll appreciate the compact design as you dodge through congested traffic and park in tiny spots.

Cheap Rental Cars More

Value Van provides a full range of options in addition to our cheap car rentals. Choose any size car rental — economy, intermediate. standard. luxury. or premium — or opt for one of our vans or SUVs. We even rent moving trucks and production vans. and we sell used vehicles when they’re removed from the fleet. Be sure to browse our current specials to ensure you continue to save with the best rate.

Need a Car Rental on a Budget?

Reserve an Economy Car Today! (908) 851-9595

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