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Consumer complaints for Rockcliff Auto – Central Ontario BBB #cheap #auto #insurance

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Rockcliff Auto

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I financed a 2006 ****** ****** ** black from rockcliff auto. After paying $2500 upfront I went to pick up the car and drove it home the same day the engine blew, the shop that ************* from

Rockcliff auto told me to go to. Claimed it as a transmission problem for warrenty because he said engine problems are hard to diagnose. (********* transmissions ****) after I recived my vehicle back with a new engine it was still leaking oil and does not look like it was even changed. My alternator went twice and my battery went another time. Both ball joints on the front all 4 sway bars and the outter right Ty rod all went on the vehicle and I’ve only had it 1 1/2 months! The back window stopped working. And the ac doesn’t blow cold air. There is so much wrong with this vehicle and ***** from rockcliff auto paid for the alternator but nothing else the car is sitting in my parking info lot and I cannot even drive it.

Desired Settlement

I would like them to fix all the problems on the car seeing as the vehicle has only been owned by me for less then 2 months.

Business Response

First of all, correction, the customer purchased the vehicle from Rockcliff Auto and financed his purchase through an independent finance company. Engine work was performed on the vehicle at NO COST to the customer. If the vehicle is leaking oil after this work then the customer should return to the mechanic who performed it, as it is warrantied. As well, the vehicle was seen by a mechanic who replaced the alternator, again at NO COST to the customer. During these mechanic visits, there was no mention or indication of any other issues. The vehicle passed inspection and was given a Safety Standards Certificate, yet the customer is now complaining of ball joints, sway bars and tie rods. ************************************************************************************************************* This is a 2006 ****** ******. It is NOT a brand new vehicle that just drove off a factory line, and the customer, ****************** thinks that it is the responsibility of a dealership to fix that which he has broken. Nonetheless, the day before filing this complaint, he was instructed to bring the vehicle to the dealership for further diagnosis. He agreed, yet it would now seem that he doesn’t want us to actually see the vehicle. We have been nothing but patient, understanding and helpful to this customer, ***************************************************************. Our offer still stands to have the vehicle inspected, but we will not repair or replace that which our licensed Class A mechanic deems unnecessary, just to make the customer feel good.

Consumer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

They keep telling me if my engine is still having problems to return it to the same mechanic, (********************************* There is both CV pumps completley missing. Not broken or ware and Tare just missing. Amongst many other things, as for not letting there mechanic know at the time

Of alternator replacement is because I myself am Not a mechanic, I don’t know what weird sounds could mean coming from under my car. Rockcliff auto has the nerve to say I would like them To Fix what I have broken, no that is not the case I would like them to fix what should

Of been fixed ************************************ there ” class A” mechanic yesterday he told

Me everything that I was told was broken was infact broken, ball joints tie rods sway bars plus lots more. Anyway rockcliff auto refuses to pay for any work because I have put 8k on the vehicle, **************************************************************************************************** not to mention the $1,200 I have spent in towes when this vehicle has countinuesly broke down over and over.

Final Business Response

The consumer’s refusal to accept the truth does not negate the reality that it is, in fact, the truth. The dealership was paid by the consumer’s finance company, on behalf of the consumer, for the vehicle. The other reality, not accepted by the consumer, is that his claim that he has had the vehicle to “several” mechanics actually does not help, but hinders, his complaint. The issues that form the basis of his complaint are Safety Standard issues and surely, if they actually existed at the time the vehicle was delivered to the consumer, these many mechanics would know that there is a protocol in place to deal with alleged faulty Safety Inspections and would have followed the protocol to address the issues. A Safety Standard Certificate is valid for 36 days from the date of issue. It is not valid indefinitely, as everyone’s driving habits are different. ***************************************************************************************** The Canadian Black Book (“CBB”) uses an average of 24000 km/yr or 2000 km/mth for valuation purposes. This consumer has driven approximately 10000 km in 2.5 months or DOUBLE what is considered CBB average *****************************, supposedly while dealing with mechanical issues and stating that he’s had numerous tows. NO. This consumer is responsible for his issues with the vehicle and *********************************************************************************************** and the mechanics which have tried to help him *************************************************.

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