Nov 3 2016

Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise, ID #eastwood #auto

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Reviews for Internet Auto Rent Sales


over a year ago

Great customer service I have to say that I was scared when I read the reviews on here because my hubby and I had just bought a car from here. The check engine light came on and I began to wonder if I had just bought a lemon. They were persistent to the point of being annoying trying to get us to buy the car, but any dealership is that way.

We decided that we just wanted our van back, long story, but luckily for us the financing hadn’t gone through yet so we were able to make the trade back pretty painlessly. I wasn’t the easiest customer and despite that they still treated me great.

Our salesman was awesome, even let us take the car for a very long test drive to make sure we liked it. They bent over backwards to earn our business and Iwish it had worked out.

I think people leave reviews when they have a bad expreince but that they forget to when it has been good. They seriously blew other dealerships out of the water with their customer service. We had two kids under 5 with us, and they were patient with them and pretty much let them do what they wanted through the painfully long process of buying a car 😉 I will definitley consider going there again, just not sure they want me to since I was so stubborn!

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