Nov 2 2016

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What is my JUNK CAR WORTH?

By making ONE CALL to our nationwide call center, we can go thru literally 1000’s of junk car transactions over the past 90 days to get you a real time valuation of your junk vehicle. Why get a valuation based on OLD data (like certain “book” values) when you can get an actual OFFER on ANY CAR or TRUCK?

Call our JUNK CAR HOTLINE at 1-888-420-3807 and get a free, no obligation OFFER on your car!

What determines JUNK CAR PRICES?

Junk Car Prices are determined by several factors including supply, demand, weight, mileage, condition, and region where it is located.

SUPPLY: If there are hundreds, even thousands, of similar cars to yours already in the local scrap, salvage and junk yards, your value may go down.

DEMAND: If your car is one that people are often looking for parts for, your value may go UP!

WEIGHT: Scrap metal is worth a certain amount per ton. Based on the weight of your vehicle, we can determine a minimum amount of value just for the scrap metal in your car.

MILEAGE: If your car is a very low mileage vehicle (under 100,000 miles) it may be worth MORE than JUNK CAR VALUE and may have wholesale, re-sale or auction value.

CONDITION: It depends on what parts of your car are still recyclable and which aren’t. If you have a blown motor but great body panels, your car may actually be worth MORE than a car with a great running engine, but damaged, rusted or missing body parts!

LOCATION: Certain parts of the country pay more for certain cars than others.

To get an INSTANT OFFER (not just a price quote, but an actual OFFER to purchase your junk car TODAY) CALL: 1-888-420-3807

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