Apr 2 2017

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Fixing Cars at Home

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Home car and truck repairs is a fast growing segment in the automotive industry. Every day new tools and information are being released to help the driveway mechanic get the job done cheaper and easier.

Mitchell repair manuals is a good example of this progress. They have moved their information to an online data base that can be accessed by any web browser. Its like a website just for your vehicle. Clicking on the picture to the left will take you to the vehicle selection screen. You control the cost by selecting 1 week or 1 year one time subscriptions.

You can have professional results, learn some new skills and save money along the way. Hopefully this online auto repair website will open your mind to the possibilities of fixing minor and major car problems yourself. Here you will find car repair advice and unique automobile resources. The online auto repair blog is growing fast and contains about 60 articles already. Also visit for videos and support for Diy car repair.

How to Repair Your Car

I often find myself reaching for the help that an auto repair manual can provide. It is not a sign of weakness! I m not a walking memory bank. I find it necessary to consult the service manual for many things. For example torque specifications and bolt tightening patterns.

There is just no way to remember this kind of automotive information for hundreds of cars. Also instead of educated guessing at whats wrong with a vehicle I prefer to follow repair diagrams and diagnostic tree charts. This is the quickest way to a repaired automobile. The only thing that is different now as opposed to when I first got in the business is all this information is now available online. I put together a 3 minute video that shows you exactly how to repair your car with the latest online car repair manuals.

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