Aug 8 2017

Schumacher SpeedCharge Review 2016 #auto #air #conditioning

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Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A Review

PROS / This car battery charger is compatible with all types of automotive batteries and recharges batteries quickly. It is easy to operate and has great safety features.

CONS / You have to plug it into a power socket and there are no additional power outlets.

259.00 amps


The SpeedCharge SC-10030A is a microprocessor controlled unit that features push button controls and a digital display, making it easy to select which options you need. This car battery booster includes battery- and alternator-testing functions, which can show how much charge remains in the battery and if the problem lies with your vehicle’s alternator. The digital display clearly shows the voltage you ve selected to jump or charge a battery with among other information.

The SC-10030A can charge nearly every battery type, and you can set the battery charger to regular, deep-cycle, AGM or gel-cell battery charging, as well as set the maximum charge rate at slow or fast. This charger does not include any additional power outlets or a work light, but the SC-10030A is meant more for shop or garage use rather than a portable power source.

This auto battery booster includes a 100-amp jumpstart option for those emergencies when you need a quick start. You can select the engine start feature if you or someone else is ever in need of a quick jump and connect the charger to the vehicle battery. You have to have this charger plugged into a power socket, so you will have to either have the vehicle within extension cord range or in your garage or shop to jump-start it.

The Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-100030A automatic battery charger uses a cooling fan to keep the unit from overheating and overworking itself. The charger’s microprocessor monitors the heat output and controls the fan to disperse the excess heat. It is important to note that the fan does not operate if the charger is set to Tester mode, so you will need to monitor the charger while testing.

Charging Options

The SC-10030A is not only a speedy charger but a smart charger as well. Its fully automatic microprocessing unit and automatic multi-stage charging system help this battery booster charge quickly and efficiently. After it analyzes your battery, the SC-10030A goes through a series of charge phases, including desulphation, absorption, bulk charging and float mode.

This battery charger gives you the option of a slow, 2-amp charge or a fast charge between 12 to 30 amps. The 2-amp, trickle-charge option slowly and steadily recharges smaller batteries, such as a scooter or moped battery, without overcharging and damaging it, while the 12 to 30 amp option is great if you need a quick charge or to keep a larger battery in peak condition. The average charge time of a battery connected to the SpeedCharge is anywhere from one to five and a half hours, depending on how much, if any, power is remaining at the beginning of the charge.

Battery Compatibility

The SpeedCharge SC-10030A can handle and recharge almost every type of 6- or 12-volt battery, including Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and gel cell batteries. This battery booster is compatible with any vehicle used for travel or recreation; you can hook up this dependable charger to the battery in tractors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and boats. It also includes a deep-cycle, battery-charge option for any vehicle that uses a deep-cycle battery instead of a normal starter battery.

Safety Features

This car battery booster includes a variety of safety measures to ensure your protection while a battery is connected. The jumper cable clamps are spark resistant and the cables themselves are insulated, reducing the possibility of fire hazard. You can charge your battery either removed from or still in a vehicle.

You won’t have to worry about connecting the cables to the wrong post as the SC-10030A features a reverse polarity protection function. The charger detects if you hook up the cables to the wrong post and won’t work until you have correctly attached the cables. This is extremely helpful if you are working in dim lighting or are unable to find the positive and negative markings on the battery. You also don’t have to worry about overcharging as this car battery charger automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged; protecting the battery and the unit from overheating.


Due to its compact size, the SC-10030A can be easily stored, whether it s on a shelf in your garage or inside your car under a seat or in a storage compartment. The unit includes a built-in handle for easy carrying and handling, with two cord-wrap cleats located on the rear of the unit for storing the seven-foot long jumper cables and clamps. This feature helps keep the insulated cables neatly tucked away while not in use. The SpeedCharge SC-10030A weighs just over 14 pounds and is easy to lift and position.


If you re looking for an all-around strong performance from a battery charger, the Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A automatic battery charger is a great choice. This battery booster’s quick charging rates, efficient microprocessor control and safety features make it one of the best car battery chargers available.

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