Aug 7 2017

Used Minivans, Used Van #buy #second #hand #car

#used vans


  • A minivan is a type of van that is designed to transport passengers rather than cargo. Minivans make especially convenient family vehicles, so they ve managed to retain popularity even though their box-like exteriors aren t considered to be especially stylish. And because minivans cater to a specific demographic, they aren t cheap, either. Mid range and high end minivans are usually loaded with advanced safety features and a lot of electronics, since the auto manufacturers design teams know that a lot of parents are willing to splurge to keep their families as safe as possible, and to have the option of entertainment on particularly long trips. Other notable minivan features, such as the seating arrangement, are more conducive to comfortable family travel. Options such as Chrysler s Swivel N Go removable table and rotating seat configuration, inspired by camper vans and other recreational vehicles, make for more comfortable long distance travel than in a traditional passenger vehicle.

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