Apr 13 2019

Welcome to Bucknell University

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Welcome to Bucknell University, NEF2.COM

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Professor of English

“If you allow students to wait, to study deeply and be responsible for what they say, they can really feel themselves thinking and understanding something that they did not understand previously.”

music and neuroscience

“I know that if I was somewhere else, I wouldn’t be getting the same types of opportunities in research or in performance, and the fact that they just continue to get better and better makes me all the more glad to be at Bucknell.”

Associate Professor

“I want my students to understand the civilizations that were already in place. The newcomers saw Africa as a place to be tamed, but in reality, social life, economy and politics were running quite effectively.”

studio art

“All viewers are going to get something different out of any singular work of art and I think that is what makes art so beautiful and intriguing to me.”


“As an educator, it’s really important to learn to appreciate other people’s points of view – even if you disagree with them.”

mechanical engineering and management for engineers

“For me, being a Gates Scholar is a gift to become great so that you can help others become great.”

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